3 Step Take Care Before Writing Any Code

3 Step Take Care Before Writing Any Code

As coding can be done very easily by anybody but the biggest problem comes when we have to do changes in the coding.

As a programmer, we don’t care about how much our time is wasted in doing changes when the customer does not satisfied with this app. Once we get our requirement we just start writing our code and when we finish our coding we get surprised when we come to know the actual target.

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3 Step Take Care Before Writing Any Code

As a programmer we should cross check this 3 step.

1 What the customer explained and what he really needed.

2 How the project leader understood the requirement.

3 How the analyst designs it.

As you can see below snap what customer needed but the programmer had created something else. Same thing happens in the software development process.

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There is 3 type of customer, one who needs something else but he doesn’t know how to explain the perfect information about the requirement and the second type who knows what to explain and he gives perfect information about the requirement and the last one who knows everything but he want more feature without giving much information about requirement because he trying to become over-smart.

As we know that client decision is the final decision for his requirement so always try to make sure about the requirement. If possible meet the client face to face and confirm all the feature by giving the rough idea on the paper so that he comes to know that my requirement has reached to the project leader perfectly.

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Note: Don’t ignore the customer satisfaction

Always take the requirement in front of a project leader and analyst because sometimes what happens, the customer has given the perfect information to project leader but the analyst has not understood the perfect requirement properly and we get in trouble. So for best fulfilling of the time, we should take care all this point.


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