Why Do Algorithms Have So Much Importance In Programming?

Algorithms Importance 



Many beginner or software developers in early phases of their career ask this question.They just believe in the things they see, and what they see is the amazing iOS/Android/Windows apps that we all use every day. They write one of their own, they think that’s programming and they wonder about the importance of learning algorithms.

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Why we make algorithms?

Here is an analogy, Suppose you are a bricklayer and you are building a bridge out of bricks. Also, you have a general idea that you need columns, footings, and arches. You could build something that looks like a bridge, but you would not have any idea whether if it would stand up to waves, wind, earthquakes or heavy trucks.

In the same way when you write programs without an algorithm, idea and without understanding the limitations of the algorithm you are like that bricklayer. Sometimes we see that the problem is so simple and small or the reason of failure are so small that it doesn’t matter, but usually, the system is so complicated that we can’t find the solution.

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What Is Algorithms?

Programs are an implementation of algorithms. An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem. Algorithms and Programs are tools and techniques used for Problem-solving.

We know that there are so many methods to sort a number. These are algorithms which are at least capable of proof that they really solve the given problem. We can be analyzed an Algorithm, for example, we can determine how Algorithm runtime scales with problem size.

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We should take care for algorithm because algorithms use inner algorithms as parts, so you need to know enough about it to choose! For example, consider if you need a data structure(DS) to save data and get it back again later. Do you need an A database? A hash table?An array? A distributed key value store.

From beginner to expert, programmers are not expected to invent or create new algorithms and but we should need to know enough about to understand that the thing we are coding will solve all the specified problem, and to runtime characteristics and understand the storage well enough to figure out if what we’re doing is reasonable.

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                     How To Learn Programming

Some of the best live example of using algorithms below.

Algorithms are one of the most important aspects of Computing.

  • Google Search Engine(GSE) or Google Map, It’s fully working on an algorithm for giving best result to its user for data and route our destination.
  • The e-commerce site which uses Cryptography for encrypting and decrypting our password, detail and personal information, all this application had made our lives better, have algorithms at their core.
  • Google Self Driving Car is the best example in front of us which fully depends on algorithms.
  • Robotic field uses algorithms for controlling their robot using algorithms. 
  • And there is much more
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Let’s rock the programming field using algorithm so that we can create a solution for every problem.

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