How To Become a Successful Programmer


Programming is the field where interest is not enough gift for succeeding, You have to passionate means to say more and more passionate about programming. Only interest can’t give you everything we have to think and work like a mad. Madness is only seen by other because orderly people will can’t understand your hunger of programming they just excuse you, but the programmer knows what he is doing.

Programming is the profession where there is no limit and for become a successful programmer you have to think beyond the limit. For become successful, there is no place for an excuse because in the starting stage of the programmer career they are facing much more problematic and some of they give-up and only very few are a struggle and do hard work and become the master in their field.

To Become A Successful Programmer You Must Follow This Step

1. Willingness to learn new technology

What we have learned and implemented was the past and technology is always changing so as a programmer you just have to update your skill accordingly for up to date. When new technology comes in the market only few process and syntax changes but the logic is same so you can grasp very fast and don’t give such excuse that I am not able to learn, just go through it and start learning.

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2. Debugging skills

Programmer’s just creating a code but when the software does not work as expected at that time a programmer is only who can root out the problem quickly and effectively.

So instead of making changes in all the code, make a proper flow document while creating your program so that you can investigate your code very quickly and find an issue as soon as possible. By making a proper document you can debug your program quickly without wasting the time.

3. Problem-solving skills

When programmer got a project/module they just start coding, but for a successful programmer, you just try to find the problem and inform your team leader or project leader. Because sometimes when project requirement is documented and the project started and after completion of the project we get some issue in the project. So find the issue before it arises.

Also, find the way of solving the issue very quickly.

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4. Passion for the work


As your job time may be nine to five but when you get your passion for doing the job, don’t just walk away when time out, find and complete your work until it finishes. I don’t mean to say that if you not getting the solution then seat for the whole day but if your work is pending a little more than just complete it.

When you seat a little more for your work than by looking this your manager or higher authorities will appreciate your work and when you find a glad environment your passion will increase in the programming to create more for them.

Don’t just seat when there is no work, try to build some new application like game, puzzle, chatting app etc which will help in making you more passionate about your work.

5. Grace under fire

As programming is the stressful profession because when the deadline is tight and we can’t seem anything working for your work the ideal programmer just freeze up and stop working but you should handle the stressful situation calmly and it is important for start to continue working.

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6. Laziness.

When there is the more task and the time is very less to complete the project then the only lazy programmer will find the better and quick solution for complete the project because he knows very well how to work less and do more.

If you want to find the best way to do something then just ask the lazy person the most chances are the lazy person will find the best, quickest and most efficient way to do it because the lazy person always tries to find the shortcut way.

7. Ability to handle failure

As a programmer, you will rarely get success on the first try so failure is almost a certainty. So find a challenge rather than a sign of defeat. So always keep patience and persistence are very important in the programming to keep trying for getting the next success.

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8. Willingness to research


A programming language is just part of the picture. A good and successful programmer always try to make a code which works for its employees.

9. Teamwork mentality

As you are a developer you always work in the team because with the help of team coordination like a designer, business staff, analyst, sales staff you can achieve the result very effectively.

You will never win your target until you work with the team.

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10. A business perspective

It is easy to work as a programmer in the IT company but ideal programmer always focuses on the business way which allows him to move beyond the work application. Only a business focused programmer can suggest ideas for a new project that may improve the efficiency and operation.

Let me know in the comment which point motivate you to become a successful programmer and if you enjoyed this article share it on social media so that every programmer get the tip for becoming a success in his career.


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