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best forum every programmer If you are a programmer then you very well know that programming means R&D, developing a new bunch of logic which resolve your problem. But some programmer gets stuck for a long time for solving this problem, for that many geniuses have given open opportunities to solve your problems by helping each other. I am talking about the forum because the forum is the place where a programmer gets every solution for his problem.

Below I am mentioning 9 best forums where you can get the solution for your problem. Just keep patience and ask the question in proper way mentioning all the main point of the problem you will definitely get the solution. 

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Best forum every programmer

Stack Overflow


In my knowledge, this is the biggest and most visited forum in the world for solving your problem. You just need to register and ask your question.

Here programmers are active almost all-time because it is a crowded site for the programmer. After asking your question wait for few hours you will start getting your answer. StackOverflow also provides Job opportunities.

The best part about this forum is that you will get many opinions from many experts who are regularly visiting this and site and giving their opinion.

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Code Project


This is the second-most popular website about programming knowledge. This website has two section, knowledge base articles and forum. Here everyone is there to help you out also all the queries and solution are sorted into different categories according to the language. You can also download the code from this website.

You just have registered and start to download the code and asking the queries.

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Dev Shed Forums


Dev Shed forum is very much popular through out the world. It was launched recently few year ago but it has gained much popularity in the programming forum. Over millions of member join this forum and using in well managed to solve their problem.

You can get all the solution for all your queries. Just ask a question related to web design, system administration, web hosting, and hardware.

XDA Developers


This forum is mainly focused on mobile app development. Mainly all the expert of windows phone and android found here and you can join to discuss with them about your problem in-app development.

After time pass now, expert of Ubuntu and Mobile OS also exist and they developing more custom app for your mobile app and mobile OS. Day by day the number of the member at XDA Developers are still increasing because of the popularity of development in the mobile world. Here you will find every solution on mobile issue development.

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DaniWeb is also the popular forum for giving its quality solution. Over millions of member increasing every year. You can ask your questions in different categories, mobile development, Game development, internet marketing and so on.

Just register and ask you query and get your solution.

Coding Forums

coding-forumsThis forum is actually good for web development and design. It helps query related web. It solves every problem-based on client-side or server-side.

Just register and ask the question regarding website development.

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codeguru forum

Codeguru forum was recently launched and it is also the best place to discuss your programming queries. They mostly cover all areas of programming. C#/.NET, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic and more. Their main focus on Microsoft technology. This forum can help who are interested in learning and finding the issue on Microsoft technology. best forum every programmer

 Programming Forums

programming forum

This forum is the part of DaniWeb. Here you get all the problem in category wise. This forum is great because it concentrates on the algorithms. Here people are sharing their knowledge on programming algorithms. It also covers software development languages like basic C, C++, Java, C#, VB.NET, and Assembly.

All the expert on Perl, HTML, XML, Ruby, ASP.NET, and PHP also available to discuss your problem.

 Programmers Heaven


Programmers Heaven is also a popular website for programming forum. Over more than thousand posts can help you with C, C++, Java, PHP, Pascal, and a lot more languages. It also provides job opportunities for the developer. 

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best forum every programmer


Just one point keep in mind before asking the question every forum has its own policy for asking the question. If your question doesn’t comply the policy then you may go out from their forum. So just read all the policy before posting your question. This policy was kept to stop spamming the forum.

If you know more forums that had been helped great for you, you may share with us. Please share your thoughts in comments. best forum every programmer

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