The Best Way To Mastering A New Programming Language


Programming means creating a new logic for a specific task. As we know that programming field is endless and to get success in IT field we should update our self regularly.

When beginner’s enter in the programming field they get stuck while learning a new programming language because they are new in the field and suddenly they have to remember hundred’s of syntax. Here I am not talking about syntax because every language has its own syntax and rules.

Learning and mastering, they both are different in their place.

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The Best Way To Mastering A New Programming Language

1. Learn, Practice, Review

The common formula in every field “Learn->Practice->Review”.  When we start learning a new programming language, we just memorize a code and syntax without knowing the actual working of code and we get any new task we get stuck because we don’t know how to write a code for a new task.

So when we learn any new thing in the programming we just practice as much as possible and take a review from an expert who is the master in that language. 

Practice the code regularly in your project because our mind losing the concept if we do not take a look for a long time.

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2.Teach Concepts as You Learn Them

Try to learn the working of code. There is a beautiful concept given in many programming learning software I mean to say debugging which has the technique of explaining all the code line by line. When we find any error in the code we come to know by debugging the code because it gets broken where the error is present and we can fix it very quickly. For becoming a good programmer you always teach your self.

Teach all the concept to yourself by executing the code and finding the error and fixing them.

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3. Use Several Different Resources

There are hundreds of syntax, rules(example: keywords, white space, semicolons etc) to memorize in the programming language. Until it gets fixed in your mind you will always face a problem with knowing it. 

So you will not get the complete prospect at one place. You have to use several different resources for knowing the complete programming.

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4. Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect


When we know anything we are not taking care of that concept but for mastery, we have to deliberate practice regularly. Practice regularly makes you perfect because every time task is changing and accordingly we have to look it for a solution.

Talent without experience is useless. Similarly, hard work is always more valuable than talent.

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5. Experiment With Personal Projects

On every new concept, try to implement in your project. Because without implementing we can’t know how to use it in real time project. Start building a small project and implement all the new logic or concept you are accruing from learning.

So homework is very important for mastering in any field.

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You can learn any programming language if you just follow the steps properly and the final mantra for success is hard work.

Feel free to ask any question in the comment box and let me know How are you learning a new programming language?

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