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                    Day by day world becoming more digital and mostly every work we can do through the internet. Now question arrives that what is a digital world. Digital world means connecting more people from a long distance and start a work without reaching that place i.e the work that we can be done through website or application.

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As we know that In every field website and application become the master piece i.e without this niche we can’t grow and make our work more hard to scale. So It means that I.T field becoming the master for every field. Nowadays more student taking education on programming for choosing their career toward I.T field. But before they starting to choose programming they are not taking a proper guide and after learning few month or year they leave programming field because they are thinking that programming is so hard to learn.

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So Shall we leave this I.T field?

My suggestion is  No.

Today I will teach you how to make programming more easy and simple by using this knowledge you can learn any programming language without getting confused and frustrated and will able to learn and mastery in I.T field only one condition is there you have to work hard for practice.

Before starting this awesome knowledge just check your self why you want to learn programming i.e for hobby or career.

Now programming means to write a program and program means to write a code. Now here one question came.

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How to create any program?

In every code, the logic is more important because logic is the only key to making a program in less time. With out logic, we can’t code anymore. You don’t just code make a solution for every program as global logic.

We can code in any manner but by going through logic program gets a meaning full solution for the target.

In any programming, the syntax may be different but logic will be same.

For Example:

In Basic C language if I want to write 

If….Else condition one time then it is so easy but suppose I want to write 100 or 1000 If….Else code i.e nested If….Else condition then I get some problem while writing this code. So the logic is important here.

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Step by step for making a logic (Read this solution carefully and try to understand deeply)

  • Create your final target in your mind before start writing a program. 
  • Start making the possible logic diagram to achieve the target.
  • Draw a sketch diagram for your program


  • Create a simple way to reach the target in your understandable format.
  • Write the code accordingly from you knowledge


Don’t just code and make a solution for your program.

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