How To Think Like A Good Programmer


Developer means creating some new logic for a specific task and creating something better than previous. Those who are programmer they can understand better.

Developers come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one thing in common i.e they all think like programmers. They just use their approach in daily lives. Cultivating and developing mind is a crucial element to become a good programmer or developer. This mindset can help you to succeed in your best skill. Just see the history all the programmers(Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs) who have set the new record in the IT field.

So what defines this developer mindset? And how can you start to cultivate YOURS today?

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 5 Ways To Mindset Like A Good Programmer

1. Learn to strap in and not stop until the job is done.

The programmer very well understands about patience because sometimes, especially when we start coding and after we spend many hours trying to find one single semicolon which is breaking our code to run our project.

When we have written a full program and by some reason, if it doesn’t execute it is the pain full moment for him. But most importantly, you can’t give up until it’s done. Break your problem into the small part and find the bug by reaching the code line by line.

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2. Learn to love the pain. Or at least, not fight it.

I remember going to a dinner party at the house of a friend of my parents’, and their daughter had just had her wisdom teeth out and was sitting at the table all puffy-faced, complaining about being in pain and debating whether to take another painkiller.

Having had a few drinks, my dad looked at her devilishly and said: “Well, you could take another pain killer OR you could just learn to enjoy the pain.”

I still laugh when I think back on this both because it was soon not what she wanted to hear and because he was so right.

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Life in general and coding, in particular, is full of things that totally SUCK. But they are sucky things that we all have to deal with and work through and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to try our best to reframe how we think about.

And fortunately, the Hallelujah moment you get when it DOES all come together is worth all of it.

3. Remember WHY you are doing something!

In every field, hard work and smart work can create a great result. There is a gap between what to get and what you want.

Creating something new is another matter but why you have created that one is the main goal. Because best programmer or developer always focusing on efficiency and cleanness of the code. So creating some new doesn’t mean you are great but maintaining the efficiency and cleanness of the code make you great.

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4. Remind yourself that EVERYONE needs help. Reach out!

As programming field is endless and the concept is also endless but I don’t know why every programmer making such mistake every time when he knows not getting the solution and wants some help from other but he is waiting far too long unless he reaches out for help.

Stop that!

It is good to find the solution by yourself which will increase your logic but sometimes it’s well by asking the question can help you for gaining more knowledge. So ask if you are in the problem!

There is the nature for every programmer, they help each other for solving their problem. By helping other in the programming field is not a waste of time, It increases your mind productive and sometimes it corrects your misconception.

So you can reach out in many places like Stack Overflow, blogs and many forums where the problem is a fun and join them for creating something new by fix other problem.

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5. Keep in mind that having fun is key. Remember to be playful!

For as long as humans have had computers, we have been using computers to make us laugh and solve our biggest problem in second.

So be cool and work hard in the right direction you will get what you want.

So get it with it already!

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