21 Points You Should Know When You Start Programming


There are many points to give, but I will try to cover some of the most important points and try to give complete knowledge.

1. You learn by doing. There is the only way to get better at programming is just write programming. The more you program the more you learn. Don’t think somebody comes and let you know what is programming and how to code.

2. Programming isn’t like studying for a test. Programming is not like you memorize because memorizing isn’t matter in real-time.

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3. Cheating is completely acceptable. In programming mostly every programmer use Google to solve their problem.

4. Learning by yourself is really tough. Programming is the platform where everybody has to learn by helping each other and when we talking about code it is the better way to collaborating with other is good option to learn more about programming.

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5. Let go of your emotions. As a programming, you are in the most accurate field means you are going to see much error in your programming career. The only way is to solve that error to become a good programmer.

6. You don’t need many monitors. In my personal experience, you don’t require 2 or more monitor to handle a program. The computer which you have right now is probably good enough to use. Please don’t waste your money on buying many monitors.

7. Changing code is part of the process. I always try to make my code perfect. But when I see the code is not working with high performance then I try to make changes in exciting one because improvement is the only feature of coding. You are not writing an international book that it can’t be changed once it is published.

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8. Trying to understand everything Make a huge loss. In the beginning, I always try to know why I make problem in every program. A computer is so complex to understand our mind, but that’s ok. We should try to focus on solving the problem not on problem occurred.

9. Pair program as much as possible. There is no faster way to learn how to code.


10. There’s a right way to ask for help. As a programmer, everybody need help in many forms. It may depend on what you asking from your expert

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11. For becoming a programmer you don’t need to be a math genius. If you don’t know more about math or if you are not a math person it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a good programmer.

12. Always celebrate. When you are developing any project always celebrate by developing admiring a small win and keep moving forward.

13. It’s ok to admit what you don’t know. As you enter your first programming job you might incline because nobody expects from you to know everything right now. 

14. It doesn’t take 100 hours to be good enough in your job. When you see reality, for becoming good enough you just need to self-correct and get back on your track when the problem arises.

15. At starting welcome to big mistakes.  At starting your career you will make many big mistakes, don’t frustrated with them. Try to learn with that mistake and improve your programming.

16. An algorithm. Algorithms are a step-by-step approach which makes easy to solve any programming task. It is the same process like we’re finding a contact in the phonebook.

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17. A Good Programmer never stops learning. As technologies change day by day so a good programmer always tries to learn ongoing basis to get updated in their career.

18. Make a computer think like a human. Some of the people thinking that you need to think like a computer but we should do the opposite.

19. Programming is about using the right tool for the job. Programming is an endless field and to grow your career in huge opportunities use all the tool as much as possible. For specific problem using specific tools make your problem easier to solve.

20. Give up before the change is about to happen. Learning a program and making a career is same like a man mining a well and the water is about to come but he suddenly stopped. So keep patience and work hard you will definitely get success.

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21. Always try to give up. After finishing the learning process. Take a deep breath and use all your concept to make a good project and share with everyone. Helping to other will make you a good person in your life.

21 points know start programming

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