The 5 Most In-Demand Programming Languages


Programming is the future of the world because without programming nothing is possible in this world.

In the study, some organization has made a below report for the popularity and demand of the language for last few years which is leading in the market.

Day by day the world is changing so technology also changing. Depending upon the situation language perform different demand, though every language is best on their own place.

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Demand Programming languages

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The 5 Most In-Demand Programming Languages

1. Java

Nowadays Java is leading in the market due to android enter in the market. so you love it or hate Java is not going away anytime. Java has contributed more than 20 years in the programming field and it is the most and popular programming language in both businesses and universities for the last few years.

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It is the language which promises “write the code once and run anywhere” is powerful.

After all, Java is a readable, simple programming language which is used by millions of developers and also run on billions of devices worldwide. And nowadays all the native Android apps are built in Java.

2. C#

C# language is the most likely by most of the people. Because it is simple to use and its syntax is mostly same as C and C++ language. C# language was developed for Microsoft’s DOTNET software framework.

Most of the features in C# 7.0 were released last year. It is used for many developments like the desktop app, mobile app, and web development.  It is an effective and efficient way to write applications on that framework.

C# is based on Common Language Infrastructure makes it flexible for use on many devices but there is the only problem Microsoft is not open source like Java. 

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3. PHP

PHP language is the best and lightweight language. It is, in fact, scripting language and it is very tightly tied browser-based application.

PHP language is most popular throughout the world because due to its open source so many websites are converting in PHP even world’s most popular website Facebook also created in PHP.

PHP now expanding its feature for making more effective and rich in feature.

4. Python

Python language gains much popularity within a short time but some just love and some just hate because it is the script like a language. But coming to the security point of view Python perform the best in all the situation. Python has very strong frameworks who take care of every security issue very well.

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Python is loved by many developers for programming because python is not as complex as other higher programming languages. With a small investment of time, Python can pay huge dividends for your developing career.

 5. SQL

SQL is evergreen whether it is in one form or another it will rule on every language because without it none of the application is possible, so it’s not going anywhere.

 SQL handling huge data from the backside and return report as per our requirement. So SQL is leading to all the language and in the field of administration. If you not become the best DBA but knowing SQL you can work anywhere if you know well to manage the data.

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Many companies pay a huge amount of money for handle database so SQL will be a great opportunity for growing your career in the long race.


So just start with any of the languages and start your career at the best level.

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What you think about what is the future of the next programming language among all the 5 let me know in the comment and if you like to share on social media.

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