7 Easy Time Management Tips For Programmers



As a developer, you can make your life better using some few time management principles which bring success in your life and make you more passionate about your job and you can reach on profitable levels.
Software, web, and app development are very exciting because after few year it will reward you a million, this million only be good when we spend our time in a proper manner.
In the Starting stage of career, many of us always searching for additional work to earn more money and by doing this we can’t spend more time with our friends and family, we are not getting the time for more rest also we can’t do anything else other than work. This leads to an unsatisfied life and it increases a level of stress. 
But wait for a moment, you can make your life better just follow a few easy way.
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7 Easy Time Management Tips For Programmers

1. Set your all goals: short term and long-term

For grow yourself without stress you need to know that what is better for me. I mean to say just find where do you want to be next day, next week, next month or even next year. You must have to decide for yourself i.e what you want from your life.

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2. Don’t plan in a lazy way

You might be had heard this words Napoleon told that only properly planned things can produce the desired result. This principle is evergreen for better life experience. So please invest time for planning. Just plan your time in such a way that if you are not getting the solution then switch on another for consuming the waste of time.

Life always changing so regularly update you plan accordingly if required changes.

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3. Collect all tasks in a to do list

Sometimes we see that there is no work to do but suddenly we remember or our project leader reminds important tasks which are very important. The best way to avoid such problem collects all the task in a to do list. Just keep all the work which we have to do. This does not mean that you only write on a computer. Always keep a small dairy for writing your program task. Because it helps is estimating completion time for our program and set your deadline. 

4. Perfect is not better than good

When we writing any code it is important to finish in time, so before writing any code just analysis it properly so that in between you don’t get confused. So as a programmer complete your first stage work quickly and add more features later. Just do your best and get done on right time. Use all the inbuilt tool to save your time in tying manually because using inbuilt tool maintain the standard of the code in short time.

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5. Split difficult tasks into bite-sized pieces

When you see there is a more task to do just split your big task into smaller steps. After doing this and start working on every task you will see that your big task is almost done without any problem. This also helps in testing all the task individually which will ensure the quality of the program.

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6. Identify your time wasters

Everybody person in this world is a social creature. We have our friends, family or kin. These people can slow down your work. I not mean to say in critical condition but usually, it happens. We are surrounded by much social networking app. When we interact with all these things we lost our attention and to recover it we have to take some time. So if you find all the situation in the time schedule and you can complete your program at given time without any problem.

7. Plan relaxation and recreation

According to Oxford University, Any normal person could live or survive for up to 60 days on just water without food. But if a person will not sleep well can degrade much quicker. If you do not take proper rest than don’t expect high productivity. When we sleep our brain recharge and helps us to think more effectively. So Plan your day accordingly don’t compromise on sleep.

Programmers usually sit for 8 or more hours in front of a computer this may cause to mental and physical diseases. One of our organ in eyes working continuously for a long time. Just take an eye training program to reduce eyesight diseases.

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Here I just suggested few point but this point can make much more difference in your life if you follow daily. Every programmer should make his life beautiful, healthy and welfare. Make your career successful by managing your time in a proper way.

Achieve your dream but don’t lose your health and relationship with your family so plan your time proper way so that you can spend much time with your loved one.

I hope it is small knowledge to share but if you like then share your experience in the comment.

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