5 Ways To Become A Professional Programmer


become good programmer IT field is the passion field where programmer always has to passionate about his profession and make the programming as a fun. But for becoming professional or good programmer one has to make programming as a passion to extend their tendency for learn more on every stage.

Here I am not writing mantras but you can collate a list of helping tips which I learned for getting the better result in the IT industry. In the worldwide, there are many programmers but very few of them have extended their capability by implementing the solution in a proper way and who has developed an excellent solution for IT and helped in the growth for IT field.

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5 Ways To Become A Professional Programmer

1. Work on Basics

As it is true for any company and job, the basic understanding is the master key for any success. For becoming a good programmer one should have a strong conceptual foundation. The basic fundamental understanding helps in implementing the solution in the best possible way. From your learning and experience, if you feel that there is a gap between your computer science and your programming language for any specific concept, it’s not too late to go back and review all the basics.

If you see the history, all the top inventor are successful from their basic fundamental and written the history in the Guinness World Records.

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2. Start putting question tags (What, How, Why) with every set of code you write


As a programmer, we all are doing coding and implementing our target program but there is the line between good programmer and ordinary programmer. The good programmer always tries to know what, why and how it is happening. There is only a few group of programmer who never leaves a code without knowing exactly what is happening in the code when it executes. I can understand that there are tight deadlines for complete our task and hence we have left the code just knowing that the code is doing their job properly.

As a programmer, we should always try to level up and dig into as much as you can, try to know that how program logic is created and within a few days it becomes a habit with time and you will be starting doing it unknowingly every time.

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3. Learn more by helping others

Help other

As we know that programming field is full of research the code and implement. When we are not getting the solution of any program, most of us turning our heads toward programmer communities or forum. And again there is a clear-cut separation between the good programmer and ordinary programmer, that the helping people always visit these places to help other by giving their solution.

And Believe me, by solving the other problem you will learn more than you learn and within a team, try to help others to solve their problems and you will get more idea and plan by investigating the problem and providing the solution to that problem.

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4.Write simple, understandable but logical code

As a programmer, don’t try to write complex there is one formula “keep it simple and short” which work well in the programming. Try to write more logical code but at the same time avoid complexity.

In the programming field, many programmers write complex code for just prove their capability they are able to create such code. My experience says that the formula “keep it simple and short” always work i.e write simple but logical is always give more success resulted in fewer issues.

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5. Spend more time in analyzing the problem, you’ll need less time to fix it

The common formula for every industry understand the problem deeply and get the solution quickly. Some of us making a document for the problem and researching the code and try to implement every possible solution and finally they are failed because they have not understood the problem properly. 

Sometimes it can be simple as looking at the sky rather than just typing in the keyboard for coding, the moment gets the problem.

At last, I will say that becoming a good programmer it is as simple as you think hard. Just try each and every possible way for coding best and try to help other for solving their problem which makes more productive and also a good person.

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