Best Websites A Programmer Should Visit


Best Website Programmer visit

As programming field is endless for learning all the languages and technologies. But our hard working developers and designers making everything possible by implementing new possibilities for every problem.

The world of technology is giving rise to different kind of jobs, skill sets, and programming languages.

So here I will try to cover few of them which will help you in finding right website for the right problem.

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Best Websites A Programmer Should Visit

When you get stuck

This is a most popular website where you can get solution related to your problem and if the solution is not present you can just post the problem and wait for few hour or day you will start getting the answer by other programmers.

It also gives facility for sharing an idea.

This is also a most popular in the world where many programmers are giving their own suggestion and idea related to the question.

A mentorship community to learn from fellow developers via live 1:1 help and more.

Community where you can rant and release your stress

Community-curated knowledge graph of best paths for learning anything

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For Web Design

The more you learn the more you design better. W3schools is the famous free online learning website for web design and web development. On this website, you can learn following skill.

  1. HTML
  2. JavaScript
  3. Server Side (PHP, ASP)
  4. CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)
  5. XML

I hope you get some information regarding website development which will help in your career for solving the problem.

For design and developing a good looking website, you can visit this website. This is a recently launched but the content is good enough to learn for web designing.

For design, you have to learn by many websites for becoming a professional.

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Coding Practice For Beginners

Here I am highlighting few best websites where beginner or programmer can visit and take the advantages.

  • Cave of programming Learn to program, Upgrade your skills.
  • Codeacademy  Learn to code interactively, for free.
  • Code Project Get the latest article on the development and also get a solution of many problems.
  • CodeAbbey A place where everyone can master programming best place, to begin with, problems that start at the easiest and gradually increase difficulty with each problem.
  • People Can Program  This is the most user-friendly platform for code learning application on the internet.
  • Programming Tasks  Here you get all the large collection of small programs
  • FreeCodeCamp  Learn to code and build projects for non-profits. Build your full stack web development portfolio today
  • Lod – Cloud  The Linking Open Data cloud diagram
  • Programming by Doing  It is very good website for those who want to start from the basics
  • It is interesting programming challenges where everyone can learn from looking at other’s code, even if you are not able to solve code you can look at how others solved.
  • Pramp It’s your turn to be the interviewer. When done, click on the swap roles button on the left
  • Paqmind  Get all the guides and also challenges to learn new programming
  •  download and solve practical problems in over 30 different languages, and share your solution with others.

As I previously said that this is not the end of the website. Programming is huge so there is much more website but I do not highlight all of them. I mention which is more important for every developer and designer.

Let me know in the comment which website you are using the most in your development career.

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