How To Boost Your Programming Skill

Boost Programming Skill

 One common question asked by many programmers, how do I improve my programming skills, how to become a better programmer or I am good at this programming language but not so good on problem-solving skill etc. This is a reality, today’s era is full of language expert than real programmers.

If there’s a problem there’s a solution. So to boost your programming skill you can follow this 5 step and practice regularly.

5 Excellent Ways To Boost Programming Skill

 1. Implement what you learn

Day by day, we are learning many new things when we are developing any project. We just ignore the new concept and continue with our developing process. But I tell you, to improve your programming skill you must implement the new concept in your practicing project. It will help in developing the new skill and it may be your turning point of your career. Because small ideas can change the whole history. So keep implement regularly.

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 2. Create project and release it

We have learned, practiced and it’s time to use your knowledge, so just create a project and share it with the world.

Your published code may be a website, mobile app or anything. When you see that people are using your code in the real world gives you more confidence. When you see, people are thanking for your code and saying that they have implemented your logic in their production project it will boost your confidence and make you more to share from your heart.

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 3.  Practicing data structure and Algorithms

This is the most important part to boost programming skill also to become a good programmer. A good company always using the algorithm for implement the task. Most of the programmers I have seen they are good in the algorithm, data structure and also best in the basics.

By learning these things, you can increase the logic skill and which will help in implementing a complex program in your project. When we come to performance, data structure help in maintaining the space and performance. So you can use your knowledge and find the related problem to be solved using data structure and algorithm. In other words, this is a key to success in programming.

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 4. Doing Code review

codereview avtartime

After implementing any program, code review is another thing which helps in boosting your programming skill. As a programmer, our work is to implement the program, but when we start reviewing our code from best programmer we get our mistake and we can improve our mistakes.

If you get a chance to work in a company as a tester for few project then just work it. You are likely to be a better programmer by using your both skill (Programming and testing).

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 5.  Participating Stack Overflow and forums, Commenting in Blogs

Forums are the best place to boost your programming skill because there are many programmers sharing their knowledge for solving the problem. Since programming is vast and if we don’t use any logic or program more than 3 months there is a chance to forget. So participating in StackOverflow(The Most visited forum for a programmer) and try to share your knowledge for those who are asking the question. This will revise your concept in your mind and sometimes you get your misconception corrected by looking the others answer.


Learning and implement are not enough to get better skill but doing more activity on a new idea makes a lot of difference in your skill.

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