What Is Creativity In Programming And Why You Need It?


What is creativity in programming and why you need it? I think this question is common for many programmers and they want to know that Is there any importance of creativity in the programming field. The answer is “Yes” because when any software or web app developed the first question comes in the mind what is special or new.

Many of the beginners set a myth in their mind on creativity. They are thinking, creativity means to design the new look.

For more understanding let me give one example, suppose an architecture builds two building A and B.  Building A is more good looking than B, but the interior design of the B is better than A. Now if you ask for feedback from outside A is better than B but at the same time B is better than A for the interior. So here creativity is not as you look from outside though it also matters.

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Creativity Always Creates The History creativity in programming

When programming is started, the code was written so big even for a small application and the programmers get confused when they have to make changes in the existing code. Few year later suddenly someone has created tier architecture(2-tier, 3-tier, n-tier) which turns a great revolutionary in the programming field.

What I mean to say writing a code is not creativity, optimizing the codes is creativity.

The Same point applies when you are working in the industry, the owner or manager will look at you when you give something new from existing one.

As you see, many innovative tools coming in the market and they earn huge money from that one product. It’s all happen due to the creativity, they have created something new which is different from other and can solve the problem with effectively. The Same funda applies in the programming.

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Why You Need It?

I think I don’t have to explain it why you need but making more interesting I will give few example to open the full expression about programming which has reached to the next level in the world.

1)  The biggest example of creativity in programming field is “Android”.

Android Creativity

The first Android version was launched in 2008 and within a short time, it has covered the 70%-80%  market. It’s all happen due to creativity.

2) My second example is “jQuery”. jQuery has created revolutionary in the web development.

jQuery creative

Now you can create anything by writing some amount of code. jQuery has replaced a big JavaScript code into a function. Now we don’t have to write hundreds of lines for simple animation, Just write a name of the function and done.

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3) Many AI Robots working like a human being due to our creative programming make them work. Here I not blaming to the electronic or robotic parts, but programming has played the main role here.

There is much more you can check it on Google. Ohh! Google Search Engine is also a creative programming which finds the query in less than second.

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any query feel free to ask in the comment box.

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