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How To Create Free Website Using WordPress

How to create free website or blog

                   Having a website is good for sharing and growing your business up to next level. But what if we don’t know programming and making a website we have to hire some developer for create a website. But what if we don’t have money to hire developer. Today I will give you complete knowledge for making a website without knowing any knowledge of programming and without investing any single money.

You can also create free website using blogspot 

Today I will tech you how to create awesome website using WordPress. Creating website using WordPress make more easy and more convenient. 

Before starting this tutorial some information I want to give like you can create any thing like Blog, Website, Portfolio using this WordPress so decided what you want.

Step for creating website with high performance, responsiveness and easy to manage


Register on WordPress


Start building a website click here . You will be redirected on above page. Here you can give any name for creating your web address in blog address box.

Note: Name which you enter in blog address may not be available because same name address had been taken somebody else in that case you have to choose another name untill right tick mark ( ) sign not shown on right side.


Create Free Blog


You can create anything from below

-> Blog

-> Website

-> Portfolio

-> Online Store

Note: You can choose custom domain by using premium option or you can change later from dashboard setting by choose premium upgrade option. Here I have taken avtartime as blog address so my web address will be

Click on create blog for creating free website or blog. But you can choose premium for business work by paying some amount of money. But here I am taking about free website or blog.

After clicking on Create Blog button you will redirected on this page

Note: before moving to next step first confirm your email for WordPress registration from your mail id which you had given for registration.


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Write your blog title and tag line for indicate what is about your blog and after that click on next step.

After clicking on next step you will be redirected on choose free theme page. There will both theme i.e premium and free we have to choose free theme.

After choosing theme customize your theme content like logo, menu, header, title, footer etc. you will get seen there. 

Visit your URL, here my URL is Choose My site option from left side of your page.




Here you can add new page, post, media and you can also customize theme by clicking on customize button.

I am adding some post and publishing that on this URL you can check it here by visiting on the URL and check the live example which I have created above for knowing you that how it look. I have not added any image, content, plugin, design widget etc here.

In next post I will completely teach you how to customize website and make website more attractive using some plugin and widget which will enhance the website feature and look like a profession and provide more option for customizing on your hand.

If you have any query let me know in comment box I will try to solve that.

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