8 Easy Tips For Improve Your Coding Skill


For getting mastery in the programming field you have to do some extra work but by doing this extra work you will be on the huge level. So let start

8 Easy Tips For Improve Your Coding Skill

1.  Practice

  • The first point for any success is practice. Try to write lots of programs. I mean to say big programs because when you are writing the big program you will make many mistakes and by solving that mistake you get more ideas and ways.
  • Also, Writing the small programs make you write more programs in the same amount of time and this will improve your coding skills more rapidly.

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2. Refactor

  • Always try to learn about Refactoring the code.
  • Creating program and it’s working is not enough. Work on code Refactoring and improving programs.

3. Design

  • Learning of coding is not enough. Try to learn software design pattern!
  • Understanding the software design lets you know the flow of the program.

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4. Code Review

  • After finishing every program or code review your code by good mentors. Find some expert in that field and let them review your code. One of the best ways to review your code, find some peers work with them because people with similar skill can understand each other and they can teach each other very well.
  • Don’t shy with your senior person except for negative point and work on it to improve your self.

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5. Learn from good programmers

  • Always when you get time, read the program writing by good programmers.
  • Adapt some good point and implements in your coding skill.

6. Broaden your horizon

  • You have to learn multiple programming languages for update your self on the regular basis because when you learn multiple programming languages you will get many ideas about how to do things better in other languages. There are many programmers who think that only X language can do this task but in reality, it’s not like that.
  • Try to learn different kinds of procedural, object-oriented, functional, data base structure etc.
  • Also, learn multiple operating systems to know all around which will help in improving your coding skill.

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7. Learn the Problem Domain

  • Don’t just write a program alway try to understand the root of the problem. Create a proper document and sketches about the problems. Always create a global solution for that problem I mean to say create a global code which can be used on many problems.
  • Don’t hide the problem of the software because the end user doesn’t know about the failure of the software working. Make a perfect solution by proper analyzing the problem.
  • Think like an end user and document the each and every problem in a great deal.
  • It doesn’t matter how much data structure and algorithm you know if you not making the proper and smooth program.

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8. Reflect

  • Write the code in such a way that every programmer can understand your code and if some tell they are not able to understand your code find that point and solve the issue.
  • Every time you fix a bug, think about how you could have avoided the error in the first place, and what could help you avoid it next time. Some of the answers lie in good code quality principles, and others in good programming practices.
  • Learn new habits from your skill.
  • Take a break. It’s hard to do any of these things when you’re already coding all week, as fast as you can.

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any query feel free to ask in the comment box.

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