How Can Logic Improve Your Programming


As a programmer, you know that program means a set of logic which is implemented to achieve the target product. Even for writing a simple program required a logic.

Day by day technologies of the world changing. There are hundred’s of technologies enter the market, however, it is important to know which technology will suitable for you

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To implement any programming task logic will be the first priority to complete. For example,

If you want to prove (a>b) or (b<a). Here you see both have the same meaning and we can prove it in two different way. In the same way, programming is same but to implement any task logic is different. So focus on logic, not on programming.

The definition for logic from a programmers point is “giving thinking power to computer” or “making a computer capable to think”  is called a logic.

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Logic To Improve Your Programming

1.Perfect logic

It is easy to say complete your work on time, but if you don’t have the right logic you can’t do on time. To complete any task there may be more than one logic, you have to find the quick, perfect and well performance logic.

“Logic will work when you work on logic”

Benefits: 1. Improve your productivity 

                   2. Improve your decision-making

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2. Think in a machine-oriented way

Forget for a while that you are a human being and think that you are a machine and as a property of a machine that it can’t understand anything because it works on the instruction which we feed inside. So feel that you can’t understand anything. so if a machine can’t understand anything, then we will give some instructions for the machine to follow them in order to solve a problem. These instructions are nothing but a logic. 

So by thinking in a machine-oriented way, you can be capable to write logic for a program which is used by the computer to solve the problem.

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3. Implement on paper

Recall all Programming concepts you have learned and use that concept to implement the task on paper. To achieve any complex task paperwork is very important. Draw all the logical diagram and connect in the best possible way to reach your target.

You might be thinking, why should draw on paper, because on paper you can draw all the logic diagram in your understandable format means while drawing a diagram you can write a small note on any side pointing an arrow for which concept will be used here.

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4. Focus on target

Before writing any program, design your target in mind and accordingly work step by step. If you think that the task is complicated and you are not able to design the logic in a single way than split it into the small task and work one by one in a serial manner. But while splitting keep in mind what is your final target, so don’t distract your target while spitting.

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Final Conclusion

For achieving, any task in programming field logic is the key feature and to create a logic practice in the key feature. So keep practicing your programming will improve.

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