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How To Insert A YouTube Video In WordPress Site(Step By Step)

As we know that video gives more understanding than a word. So If we want to explain the content using a video it will be the great option and we can create a video for our content and let them embed in our website or blog and nowadays video view increases due to the facility for faster internet speed due to 3G and 4G network.

However, It is easier than ever to embed videos from website like YouTube because YouTube is the largest 2nd biggest website in the world, many new bloggers don’t know about this.

Here I will show you step by step how you can embed the YouTube Video in your website or on a blog article very easily.

But before moving forward first know why we should embed our video in our blog.

Video on a blog post provides:

  • It gives a better understanding of the topic to your readers.
  • It makes your reader spend more time on your site.
  • It makes your articles more friendly and with multimedia rich.

If you don’t have a blog start a Free Blog.

Step By Step To Insert Video In WordPress Website Or Blog

Step 1: Goto YouTube Video

Step 2: Click on Share Option as shown on below snap(1 option)



step 3: Here there is TWO WAY to insert video, you can directly paste the URL on your WordPress site using insert video option in the post editor. And second way is to embed the code using embed option shown in snap(3)



watch embeb

Step 4: Just copy the Embed code shown in the above figure and paste in the source part of your post. You can also adjust the height and weight on the video. After Embedding the code your video looks like this below. The below example is of about showing the video on article on our blog


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In this way, you can embed the video and make your content more interactive for your reader it also help in SEO your content.

For More detail with official WordPress help check it here. So ahead and start to insert your video and make your content best for your reader.  

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