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There is a myth in the world about programming. Many of the students or programmers calling programming as a monster because some of them are frustrated while studying or working in the programming field.

Before entering in the programming field, one should know that programming means translating the real-world problem into a specific number that computer can understand. So it’s not like that you just take a programming course or take an intern from any IT company and you can start creating the program. A programming is like a child i.e program will work exactly what you tell him to do.  The problem is that we are not thinking in the computer way, what we want from the program to do is extraneous, the only thing that matters is what you tell him.

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Create Any Program Using This Method

Here I am sharing few step using that you can create any program without wasting more time and reach the target quickly.

1. Before writing a program 

When we start writing a program in a blind way means we are jumping in the river without knowing how to swim. So before writing any program ensure all the below point.

  • Always have a plan before trying to write a program
  • If the problem is more complicated, find the all optimal possible way so that you can reduce code for increasing its performance.
  • Before you write a program create the algorithm and flowchart

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2. Set the target and analysis the flow of program

Flow Chart and Algorithms

what we want in the final target it should be clear in the mind. Just draw all the sketch flow diagram from starting to ending and accordingly analysis the flow so that you can write a program in the proper direction.

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3. Use logic and optimize code 

Coding a program means implementing the logic. So the logic is very important in creating a program.

      Step to create a logic:

  • Design all the screen (Sketch).
  • Define all the object.
  • Define how the screens will connect.

You can also make a logic for each of the module that a program will use.

There may be multiple solutions for one target but use the shortest path solution so that you can increase the performance

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A program can write by anybody but optimized and well performance code can be written only by a good programmer. So without hard-work and smart-work, no one can write a good program.

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