Which Programming Language Is Best For Web Development


The world becoming digital and for digital, every work is going on the website for accessing the data throughout the world wide. At the earlier day desktop or standalone software are very popular but as the time pass, people start thinking to grow their business and company to the next level.

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The businessman or owner of the company wants the daily report for analysis purpose and he also has to travel through out the world to grow his business. So for accessing all the report he alway has come on the desktop where the software is installed. But due to traveling, this is not possible. So slowly all the company start shifting to the web application and website.

The below snap is the survey taken by one of the community for standalone software and web application.

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Software Web

Comparison Pie Chart For Web Application and Standalone Software

As a programmer, from beginner to expert all have struggled and some are still struggling to when they have to shift from desktop development to web development. As coding is same but there is much more feature which we have to learn for developing a web application.

In the market, many languages have come and you know that IT field is so huge for learning so we have to become an expert in one programming language. Many programmers try to learn many languages, it is good to learn but we should always expert in one programming language.

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Here I am mentioning 5 best languages for web development through the world.

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • .NET
  • Java

There are also many languages but this is the most used for web development through out the world. But day by day web technologies becoming most smart. 

If you want to create a website one has to learn web programming but due to some web technology had made them very easy like remove the wrapper of candy and eat.

One of the best ways to create a website without taking a programming knowledge is WordPress. In WordPress also PHP language is used but the developer had made many plugins for more convening.

So language may be any you just have to do hard work. Just go through the programming basic and which you find easy to understand start learning that language because a programming language does not matter only hard-work and practice matter. 

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As you may be from different language and from your experience comment your suggestion for best and quick learning language in the comment box.

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