Programming Language Should I Learn? (2018)

What Programming Language Should I Learn?  A new year started and I wish great year in your life and career. From time to time I find someone asking this question in my inbox and so I decided to take a break and answer it publicly.

As a beginner, If you ask this question, you will get much suggestion from other like Java expert will say learn Java, .NET expert says learn .NET and the chain will continue in their own language. But one thing will be common in every suggestion without hard work nothing can be learned.

I have seen on many blogs, they wrote an article on the same topic but some are miss guiding to the reader by suggesting a specific language.

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Programming Language Should I Learn OR How To Pick A Programming Language

Before choosing any programming language you must think on this point, which will help in identifying the perfect programming language for you. Because every person has different capability and interest.

  • Which programming language is quite easier to learn

This point is very important, because when beginner enters in the programming field and if he doesn’t get interested in the programming then he/she will leave it. So choose the programming language easier to learn and which continue your interest in the learning stage.

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  • Analysis the strength of programming language

Programming Language Should I Learn

Programming is ruling for many years and some of the programming languages still in demand to compete for the newly launched programming language. So analysis the language which is more in demand for many years and still has the same capability for cracking the market in the coming future.

I have seen that many programmers fail at some point when there is a task for creating a new logic for any program or Want Low Memory Consumption and High Performance but Don’t Want to Write C? They fail because they have not learned the basic programming like C or C++ which help in building the logic for any program. So please before jumping to the application based programming language just learn the basic of the programming.

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And if you say that I know how to print “Hello World” in the C or C++ then you are wrong. C or C++ is not like to print “Hello World”, It has the huge capability to create any program using the logic.

Now again some of you ask what to learn from C and C++. C++ is a fine language, but nowhere near the mandatory level that C is.

Whether you are going to make a web application or standalone application basic knowledge is must in every programming. 

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Programming Language Learn

The Final Conclusion: It Doesn’t Really Matter That Much

Different languages and runtimes and libraries and compilers and virtual machines and other such things will expose different tradeoffs, but at the end, your choice of language is secondary to your ability to solve any problems in a way that a computer will understand. You can pick up the rest of the way. 

And If you ask me, what’s your end goal is to get to the point where language is no obstacle because Each and every language is some combination of one another, and if the more languages you are familiar with, the more your head start picking up a new one. 

Programming Language Should I Learn

I hope you have got the answer to this topic and now you are able to choose what programming language should you learn?


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Feel free to ask any question and Please share your thoughts in comments. Don’t forget to share this article on social media. 

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  • Java has staying power since it has long-term compatibility, which makes sure older applications continue to work now into the future. Many thanks for sharing this.

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