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The Ultimate Way To Create Awesome Thumbnail For Blog

The Ultimate Way To Create Awesome Thumbnail For Blog

              Your thumbnail speaks your content. So thumbnail is very important for any blogger which makes sense for their reader that what he is going to read this post.

I personally think that thumbnail is the power of the content.

I see many bloggers are working so hard to create great and best article but due to bad looking thumbnail reader come to blog but by looking the thumbnail of the post he think that content may not be good in this post and he left from there without looking the content written in that post.

Create thumbnail in such a way that it looks like professional and the size of the thumbnail also matter i.e the size of the thumbnail should not more because it slow down the loading speed of your website.

You can make your thumbnail using your computer tool which comes with pre installed i.e

  • MS Paint (for windows user
  • Paintbrush (for Mac user)

Using this tool you can create your thumbnail but it does not have many features for making the awesome look.

You can also find many tools on the internet by using you can create thumbnail but customization is not fully provided because they are some paid and some free 

I tried many on the internet but finally, I found best for me on the internet. It may be for different blogger their best tools may different but from my point of view, It suits best and simple to use for creating an awesome thumbnail.

Creating best and awesome thumbnail tool

Here on this website you can login with your Facebook or Gmail account also you can create your own personal account by sign up.

Here below you can see the dashboard of Canva

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Dashboad of Canva

As you can see here there are many templates are given which is very helpful for blogger also you marketer who required for social marketing poster. This may also help for making a social post image thumbnail which I think for creating from here.

Features of this web tools

  • Create Custom Thumbnail size i.e (width x height)
  • Can Save In multiple Format (JPEG, PNG, PDF)
  • Have many Pre templates for heading
  • Have many Pre template shape
  • Have many Pre templates for (Frame, Icon, Chart etc)
  • Have facility to upload your own image

Here some paid template also available but I don’t think you required that but If you want that you can purchase them.

You can also save your created design i.e thumbnail on Canva website so that you can use in the future which means you have saved your hard disk space for saving this thumbnail.


I personally recommend for every blogger you just bookmark this website which is a complete solution for every work (Banner, Card, Poster, Resume, Greeting Card, Thumbnail, Menu, Logo etc.)  and much more.

Some reference is taken from here

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